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Block Paving Services

Our block paving services cover a wide range of installations. We have a wide range of paving blocks, slabs, tiles and natural stone on offer along with each driveway / patio being individually created and installed to meet our high standards and your requirements. We will also beat any block paving prices you are quoted with! We cover all aspects of your paving needs from paths and patios to terracing, steps and lighting. All works undertaken are guaranteed for 10 years and installed only by experienced installers.
Below you can find our services that we have to offer. If you require any more information than provided here, please contact us and request a callback

Block Paving Driveways


Block paving is generally used for driveways and carparking areas, so installations need to be performed correctly to withstand the daily stress of vehicles and other heavy usage. From design to driveway installation, our block paving installers can give you the best choice to suite your budget, and with a wide range of driveway designs, were sure you’ll find the design right for you and your home. Ask our installers for more information.

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Patios & Pool Surrounds


Patios and Swimming pool surrounds, indoors or out. The perfect place to relax and unwind. With many varieties of patio available, there’s always a style to suite you and your home. We can install in a variety of designs, you can even make your own! Every installation is unique to the customer.

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Gravel Driveways & Paths


Shingle and gravel driveways can give a great look to any home! Along with the added security benefits, it can be a great addition to your home. Again, we can install many varieties of gravel driveways, paths and other areas.

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Driveway Restoration


Driveway restoration is an option available to bring your driveway back to life, by re-lifting and re-laying your driveway, so we can lift any dips and sinkages, remove all the weeds, remove damaged patches, and generally give your driveway a brand new feel, without the cost of new blocks! (depending on state of current blocks). If you feel this option is for you and would like to discuss further, please contact us.

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Driveway Sealing

block-paving-restoration-sealingSealing is the process of laminating/lacuring your driveway to help protect it from day to day wear and tear, and to protect against accidents such as oil leaks and other nasties! It also gives your driveway a sheen of clean!
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